VMware vCenter Setup 3 of 6

Install the Microsoft SQL Server

I installed the Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) and VMware vCenter Server(vCenter) to the same virtual machine.
In this article, describe the way to install the MSSQL and MSSQL Management tool, and to change the service account for running MSSQL service.

  1. Start up the MSSQL installer, and select the 1st option: “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation”.

  2. VMVC_20150510_03_001

  3. VMVC_20150510_03_002

  4. VMVC_20150510_03_003

  5. VMVC_20150510_03_004

  6. VMVC_20150510_03_005

  7. VMVC_20150510_03_006

  8. VMVC_20150510_03_007

  9. VMVC_20150510_03_008

  10. VMVC_20150510_03_009

  11. VMVC_20150510_03_010

  12. VMVC_20150510_03_011

  13. VMVC_20150510_03_012

  14. VMVC_20150510_03_013

  15. VMVC_20150510_03_014

  16. VMVC_20150510_03_015

  17. VMVC_20150510_03_016

  18. VMVC_20150510_03_017

  19. VMVC_20150510_03_018

  20. VMVC_20150510_03_019

  1. VMVC_20150510_04_000

  2. VMVC_20150510_04_001

  3. VMVC_20150510_04_002

  4. VMVC_20150510_04_003

  5. VMVC_20150510_04_004

  6. VMVC_20150510_04_005

  7. VMVC_20150510_04_006

  8. VMVC_20150510_04_007

  9. VMVC_20150510_04_008

  1. VMVC_20150510_05_000

  2. VMVC_20150510_05_001

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